Then Raahgiri, Now Patha Utsav! Yet The Spirit Remains The Same!

City Lights: City Tales

A refined avatar of the original Raahgiri, Patha Utsav emerged as a fresh breeze to the Bhubaneswar city. Residents were already in awe with Raahgiri’s concept, and when it made its comeback as Patha Utsav, people couldn’t get more delighted. What began as a general Sunday morning event has now turned into a weekly fest, where different people gather to revel on the vehicle-free streets!


Come Sunday, and citizens of Bhubaneswar get set for a no-honk and pollution free morning. Indulging in a plethora of exciting activities, people collectively work towards a healthier environment where there will be less of traffic jams and more of free public spaces.


Toddlers to oldies; common man to bureaucrats; lazy bodies to lively ones; each one happily embraces the idea of transforming their dull street into vibrant areas. And all of it is done to let Bhubaneswar champion as a livable city which prioritizes on active social life!


Now see for yourself how Patha Utsav is enjoyed by one and all and why you should surely participate in it, if you haven’t yet!



1) Sharp at 6:00 am on Sunday, residents and not vehicles own the streets


2) A Sunday spent better with a stroll on the vehicle-free roads!


3) There’s even story-telling right in the middle of streets. Something surely to be experienced!


4) With streets as the canvas, you just have to paint along


5) Adding on to the entertainment is the soulful and grooving music


6) Why Vroom when you can pedal or skate your way!


7)It’s heart-melting to witness such pleasant bonding on the street


8) When even the kids own their street space


9) And lastly, enjoyment never ends on the streets. In fact it again starts the following week


We hope to keep having more Patha Utsav days as long as we can. All hail the people of Bhubaneswar and administration for coming up with such a beautiful event!