These 10 Beautiful Arts And Crafts Reflect Odisha’s Rich Heritage And Craftsmanship!

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Since ages, arts and crafts have been amongst the most unique way of reflecting the rich and diversified culture of any state. Odisha, being an assemblage of exquisite handicraft and traditional forms of art, has evolved gradually with each generation and are now getting popularized through various mediums as well. Moreover, there is a reflection of Odisha’s cultural heritage in these brilliant arts.

Below we have made a compilation of the few noted places in Odisha and their distinctive art styles which make them stand out for their intricate beauty! 

1) Pattachitra – Raghurajpur

One of the oldest and most popular art forms of Odisha, Pattachitra is the traditional painting based on Hindu mythology. Artists of Raghurajpur village in Puri are highly renowned for this art form and interestingly you will find at least one member from almost every family being involved in the art form. No wonder this place is titled as the Heritage Village attracting tourists from all around!

Pic Courtesy: Gaatha

2) Silver Filigree – Cuttack

The most unique and finest handicraft of Odisha named Tarakasi is a kind of silver filigree work famous in the Cuttack city. This highly skilled art form is more than 500 years old and is carried out excellently by the local artisans. Besides the regular shops that sell varied designs of silver filigree work, one can even have a glimpse of this extraordinary creativity during the festival of Durga Puja!

Pic Courtesy: hivemind

3) Sand Art – Puri

Sand art is a distinctive type of art form that got popularized in Puri and is now a well recognized art all across the world. Among few people who leave their footprints on sand, one maestro of creating gorgeous and innovative sand sculptures is Mr. Sudarshan Pattnaik. One can take a look at his extravaganza creations near the Puri sea beach!

Pic Courtesy: Yohyoh

4) Applique Work – Pipli

Pipli, a small village located near Puri, is where the applique serves to be a common thing found in every household, street and shop. One can witness the making process or check out the final creations crafted in the shape of umbrella or canopies in the village itself. To make it more eye catching, artisans stitch tiny mirrors on the applique designs!

Pic Courtesy: rohit rath

5) Horn Work – Parlakhemundi

Paralakhamundi is a place in Gajapati district where the artisans of Maharana caste have an expertise in the horn work that’s produced from buffalo horns. This is the oldest craft found in the town of Paralakhamundi. With its appearance same as that of the charming Filmfare Lady, this black yet beautiful form of craft catches the eyes of every art lover!

Pic Courtesy: Craftsvilla 

6) Brass Fish – Belaguntha

Belaguntha in Ganjam district is especially renowned for its brass, silver, copper and wood works. But among all of it, the famous Brass Fish work serves to be a prime attraction. The splendid craftsmanship of brass artists is highly reflected in their creations who manufacture metal fish out of brass.

Pic Courtesy: Trips to Roads Less Travelled

7) Dhokra Work – Dhenkanal

Being a very old form of craft which emerged some 4500 years ago, one can still find it getting practiced in different parts of Odisha. Especially the town of Dhenkanal is famous for Dhokra and many of its residents cast boxes, figures of Gods-Goddesses and lamps by using the lost wax technique. By doing this, the tribal communities of Dhenkanal have successfully preserved the ancient craft and have taken it to new heights of perfection!

Pic Courtesy: Biswarup Sarkar 

8) Black Stone Sculpture – Khiching

One of the highly famous crafts is the black stone sculpture art of Khiching in Mayurbhanj district that occupies a special place for its rich legacy and royal past. Khiching is also known for its magnificent temple of Maa Kichakeswari Devi which drags a lot of tourists as the temple is built completely in black stone and embellished with beautiful designs that are one of its kind in the state!

Pic Courtesy: dhodo magazine 

9) Lacquer Work – Nabarangapur

Lacquer work of Nabarangapur is famous worldwide and is a basic form of tribal craft practiced mostly by the tribal women. Lac, the refuse of an insect, is used as the main ingredient to make goods of innate beauty by these craftsmen. The attractive folk items in the form of toys, bangles, necklaces and many more sometimes have mirrors studded to the surface of the lacquer work for enhancing its beauty!

Pic Courtesy: Group Outing

10) Ikat – Sambalpur

 Ikat or Bandha is a distinctive textile art where patterns are created by dyeing cotton/silk before weaving the fabric. Though it is available in various places, but Sambalpur serves to be a popular city for this form of art. While there are varieties of Ikat works available all over India, in Odisha, you can particularly find single ikat, double ikat and a combined ikat of both warp and weft threads.

Pic Courtesy: rubygoes

Apart from the ones being cherished since time immemorial, there are some new art forms as well which are getting imbibed. So if there are any other art or handicrafts of Odisha that you feel should be a part of this list, then do share with us in the comment box below!