These Sand-art Creations Of Sudarsan Pattnaik Are Simply Exquisite!


Sudarsan Pattnaik, the 39-year-old sand artist from Puri has become a renowned name not only in his domestic homeland but also on a global domain. Starting at the tender age of seven, Mr. Pattnaik has come a long way in creating resplendent sand sculptures. A Bond in his art, Sudarsan is also the proud winner of the coveted Padma Shri. Be it the portrayal of love or propagating awareness on social issues, his art speaks a language that reaches out directly to hearts all around. Here is an overview of some of his masterpieces!

1.The Black Taj Mahal (Agra, India)

According to the records of French traveler Tavernier, the last unfulfilled wish of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan was to build a black Taj Mahal housing his own tomb facing the white one. Sudarsan Pattnaik turned this wish into reality by creating its replica in all its grandeur & gorgeousness right on the east side of the Taj Mahal in a record 22 hours with the help of students of his institute, thus completing the circle of love.


Pic Courtesy: thedesignpark

2. The Elephant God (World Sand Art Festival, Japan)

Sudarsan Pattnaik is well known for sculpting divinities. Among all the sculptures of the Elephant God, this 25 ft high Ganesha was created at the World Sand Art Festival, 2009 held in Japan. As if being magically brought to life, this sculpture depicts the Lord beneath his parents Lord Shiva & Goddess Parvati. Through this golden sand art work the affection for their son & Ganesha’s respect for his parents are virtues which are sent out straight to the human world.

elephant god

Pic Courtesy: kuiliu.files

3. Santa Claus (Puri Beach, Odisha)

Demanding immense grit and patience for a whopping 22 hours & about 1000 tons of sand, this art work depicting the “Father of Christmas” stood at a towering height of 45 feet at the Puri Beach, Odisha. It hogged the limelight by claiming to be the world’s highest sand Santa in the world. With this, Mr. Pattnaik broke his own record & sent out a message of world peace. This got a place in the Limca Book of World Records as it rightly deserved to. Jingle Bells!!


Pic Courtesy: timesofindia

4. The Sleeping Beauty (Turkey Fest)

Images of a sleeping lady could never get better. Sculpted with utmost care and intricate detailing makes this piece of work a pleasure for the eyes. It was carved at the fest in Turkey,2007 where he represented India at the 1st Istanbul International sand sculpture festival on his birthday. It depicts a lady resting on a royal bed with a beautiful palace theme on the backdrop. This golden artistry clearly vouches for the famous quote of Keats – “Beauty lies in the eyes of the observer.”

sleeping beauty

Pic Courtesy: amazingezone

5. The Sitting Buddha (Berlin)

The crowd at Berlin was in for a visual treat of a 15 feet sitting Buddha, similar to that at Bodh Gaya in the 2009, USF Solo Sand Sculpture Championship. With the Berlin Tower in the background, this was a unique scenario where Sudarsan’s love for his art and ultimate perfection had unified into a combo.


Pic Courtesy: artisaplace

6. Mahatma Gandhi (Moscow Sand Sculpture Championship)

In an effort to promulgate International peace & non-violence, Sudarsan’s sand art depicting the Father of our Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, went on to bag the gold medal at the Moscow Sand Sculpture Championship, 2016. Herein, he portrayed how Gandhiji’s non-violence concept will bring global peace around the world. Sculptors from all around the world had participated in it.


Pic Courtesy: Facebook

7. The Mermaid (Copenhagen)

If imaginary creatures could be sculpted in such realistic way, then stories & folklore would become extremely vivid. This 2.5 m art piece of a mermaid shows the pitiful condition of seas & oceans. The main part was actually imitated from a Little Mermaid statue of Copenhagen, after which Sudarsan added his own touch to it. She reaches out to humans to put efforts in cleaning up these water masses & saving aqua life. Like many others, this also went on to beat all other competitors & emerge victorious at a championship in Copenhagen.


Pic Courtesy: indiannerve

8. Global Warming (Puri Beach, Odisha)

Sudarsan welcomed the year 2010 as a green year. On its eve, in the 7th sand festival held at Puri, he sculpted the Earth with India’s map & a lot of trees on it with a green theme. It was 8 ft tall & made from 10 tons of sand. The students of his institute helped him complete it.


Pic Courtesy: pinterest

9. 100 Sand Chariots (Puri Beach, Odisha)

Yet again Mr. Pattnaik has created a world record by carving 100 sand Rathas at Puri sea beach on the eve of Ratha Jatra in July 2016. With the help of 25 students he completed his marathon sand art in 20 hours over 3 Days. It was inaugurated by Odisha Tourism & Culture Minister, Ashok Chandra. He hopes that his art will attract more tourists for the grand celebration.


Pic Courtesy: Facebook

10) Donald Trump (Puri Beach, Odisha)

People reacted in different ways when Donald Trump was elected as the 45th President of USA, and even Sudarsan made his gesture reach far and wide. He acknowledged the newly elected President by making his sand sculpture, with a message Congrats President Donald Trump. About three tons of sand was used by Sudarsan to create this four feet high sculpture!

11) Jayalalithaa (Puri Beach, Odisha)

The entire nation was left mourning when Amma breathed her last. Even Sudarsan paid a tribute in his own way for this revered Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. By crafting a beautiful sand sculpture of Jayalalithaa’s graceful face, Pattnaik surely touched a million hearts.

12) Utkala Dibasa (Biju Patnaik International Airport, Bhubaneswar)

When it comes to big days and special occasions of Odisha, Sudarsan is almost ready to pay his heartfelt wishes with amazing sand creations. To mark the importance of Utkala Dibasa, Pattnaik crafted a gorgeous sand art by highlighting different aspects of this state. This sculpture must have left many visitors and tourists mesmerized!

With his staunch determination to suffuse peace, patriotism, unity & other values, his journey has always been one that creates awareness about all current and social issues. This rare talent has already made Odisha proud and now he mentors young ones under his tutelage. Infact he is an inspiration for all to pick up something unconventional.