Things Which Cuttackiyas Have To Object About Their City!

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There are many typical things about Cuttack which sets this place apart but amongst all the traditionally famous aspects, there are various features of this Millennium city which the denizens find unfavourable. Here we are exactly enumerating the points that have a scope of improvement for this place or at least deserve a close scrutiny on the part of people residing here!

Little to no traffic rules

Traffic rules violation takes a backseat for the residents in Cuttack since the city in itself has very little traffic regulations to follow. There are only few places including Madhupatna Chhak or Khan Nagar which adheres to rigid traffic guidelines, but in many other areas, either the traffic post or even the traffic-policeman remain absent. Only if Cuttack can have an alter ego of Benudhar Sahu to develop the traffic standards!


Road Rash on the narrow lanes

The lanes of Cuttack in most of the places are so narrow that it almost gets difficult for two-wheelers and an SUV to cross paths at the same time. We are already aware of the thin traffic directions in this city, and when the lanes are just so sleek, it really gets uneasy for everyday commuters. But even in such roads, we totally have our dexterity in riding as we picture ourselves to be on a racer bike amidst a game of Road Rash!


The Raahgiri hope

While Bhubaneswar is already on its second version of Raahgiri and is rechristened as Pathautsav, it is Cuttack which is still planning to have one. Although we might have heard a rumour in Cuttack’s air that Raahgiri was supposed to get hosted, but that was only a short-lived buzz. We do have an appropriate stretch of area around Barabati Stadium or Ring Road and an enthusiastic bunch of people who are only waiting for Raahgiri to get kick-started in the city soon!


Eyeing for INOX and English flicks

Another form of public entertainment that is dearly missed in Cuttack is the presence of a proper multiplex or an INOX for that matter. There have been various speculations of INOX getting inaugurated in place of the former Durga-Devi theatres in Cuttack, but it is only a gossip since years. Moreover, we have Sangam Miniplex and Grand Cinema which features English movies as well, but unfortunately those get dubbed in Hindi leaving the movie buffs disappointed!


Fewer quality restaurants, no discotheques

Cuttack has a booming youth culture pertaining to the renowned institutes situated, but still there are very limited places and good restaurants to explore cuisines. No doubt Cuttack’s street food is unmatchable with Blast and Dexter’s being pleasant spots to treat one, nevertheless we face a dearth of places where food has a variety and crowded with fewer families. Adding on to the disappointment is the fact that there is no night life culture or even a proper discotheque!


Forever laid-back

Even though Odisha is quite noted for its laid-back persona, yet Cuttack should rank high in the list of one of the most relaxed cities. The culture and tradition of this age-old place is truly diverse and vibrant, but what doesn’t seem appealing is the attitude of residents that stick with primitive thinking. Cuttackiyas have big hearts and with certain changes the city can surely look out for a progressive make-over!

cuttack khatti

The restricted commute

Uber, Ola, Jugnoo or other traveling applications are a saviour sometimes when it comes to avoiding the hesitation of auto-rickshaw/taxi drivers and to enjoy a convenient, doorstep commute. But even though these facilities are readily available in Bhubaneswar, it is only Uber’s autos which are actively functional in Cuttack. In fact, the cab drivers are fearful of the roads & unorganized traffic in Cuttack for which they are many-times reluctant to pick up and drop within the city itself!