This Latest Addition To Walking BookFairs Will Let You Visit The Place More Often!

City Lights: Lifestyle

There’s no doubt about Walking BookFairs having a unique charm to it and also being a perfect spot for every kind of bibliophile.  Since the time it started and until now, the place has appealed a lot of people in the city. Now with the addition of a mini café, this bookstore cafe has become great to feed both the mind and body! Here’s what to expect out of the latest addition to Walking BookFairs!

Offering a number of bestselling books along with a medley of foodstuffs, you can now flip pages, sit back and also relish on snacks. Food choices like sandwich, toasts, tea and coffee will be readily available here, along with wine at times. For book lovers, who desire to keep the taste of paperbacks fresh and alive, this library now serves lot more than just books!

“We believe in the fact that the essence of books should be kept fresh even in the age of e-books and encourage people to read books. We don’t intend to sell books and hence don’t force people to buy them. We ask them to come, flip through pages, get the essence of holding books and enjoy reading. So, we decided why not serve some food and beverages, and let them enjoy their read,” said Akshaya Routray, co-founder of Walking Bookfairs.

The founders have also planned to regularly organise events related to poetry, mini food festivals and book club meetings, in order to bring more people together and encourage them to discuss topics related to books and art. In fact, they are planning to expand their bookshop by making it a community library.

Being in this industry for seven years, Akshaya’s motive is that people should come forward and dedicate a place for books. “There has been a long time since any bookshop has come up in the city. We want to promote the art which books carry, and motivate people to come up with more such shops and dedicate them completely to books, not just in Bhubaneswar, but other small towns of the state as well. Moreover, we hope people like our idea of bookstore cafe,” adds Akshaya.

Bookstore and cafe together are irresistible and this creative addition to Walking BookFairs will surely appeal both the readers and foodies. “I generally visit here since I find its ambience to be quite good for reading. They have a good collection of books ranging from Odia poetries to English autobiographies and many others. With their new concept of including a cafe, I can look forward to spending more time here,” says Rosy Sahu, a frequent visitor.