This Makeup Artist Inspires Everyone To Keep Loving Themselves, No Matter What

City Lights: Fashion

Subhashree Hati was just like any other teenager. She had a loving family, was good in academics and had hopes and dreams of making it big in life. A topper in her college days, she never paid heed to her looks. But there were times when she was compared to her sisters who were fair. During graduation, she was constantly judged for her skin colour and her looks. The relatives gave their valuable two cents about “how would you get married?” This made her sit back and give the entire thing a serious thought. She realised that how much ever one says “bhaad mein jaye society!”, they can’t really stay away from it. She wanted to be a part of the larger scheme of things and find ways to stand out. She gave ‘herself’ a thought, she wanted to feel good about herself. That kick started a journey of self-discovery, a journey of mental grooming. As Subhashree puts it, she was beautiful, she wanted to become more beautiful.

Romma, as she is popularly known, learnt at an early age about the importance of accepting and loving who you are. A well-known name in the beauty industry now, Romma runs her own unisex salon in Cuttack by the name Makeover by Romma. When asked about where it all started, she said, “I got married in 2013 and by then I had lost a lot of weight and adopted a healthy lifestyle. It wasn’t like I was starving myself or eating less, but I was eating right and exercising. Since my interest was always into makeup, I started gaining knowledge by getting into the industry. Since my initial grooming started in Cuttack, I decided to open my salon here in 2014.” 

Social media gave a lot of impetus to Romma when she started posting her work online. Her first makeup assignment fetched her Rs 4,000. Accolades started pouring in and one of her friends suggested she start her own Facebook page by the name Makeup by Romma. “I have been blessed with a life where I have had opportunities to keep doing what I love doing. I read good reviews of my work and feel so happy.” she says.

Doing Tulsi Kumar’s makeup when she was in Bhubaneswar for a function in KIIT has been one of the high points of Romma’s professional life. “Hearing nice things from Tulsi Kumar about my work was a major boost for me personally and professionally." 

A before-and-after picture of Romma on Facebook had created quite a stir since it was also quite a bold thing to do. “One day, I was going through my old pictures and came across a favourite one of mine from the past. When I analysed how much I have changed over the years and how much positivity has come into my life, it brought a smile to my face. That’s when I decided to post a before and after picture. Amidst everything, I have never stopped loving myself. This is what I tell my clients as well. You need to love yourself first and only then will you see the inner beauty every person possesses. Every girl is beautiful. I just make them Cinderella,” quips Romma.

Today, Romma is a brand in her own rights and an artist in the true sense of the term. She makes people look beautiful on their special days and is now embarking on starting a grooming course at her salon. “You don’t need to put on layers and layers of makeup to look good. It’s also the way you carry yourself and self-confidence that shows on your face. So I would suggest everyone to always be happy and spread positivity. That is where the real beauty lies. For everything else, there are makeup artists to give that final touch,” sums up Romma.