This Photo Story Of Jirang Monastery Will Surely Compel You To Visit It Soon

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With imposing sights, the place of the largest Buddhist monastery of Eastern India is symbolic to Tibetan culture and is hence christened as the little Tibet of Odisha. Known as Jirang, its verdant surroundings complement with the aesthetic look of the monastery named Padma Sambhav Mahavihar. Even the road leading to Jirang is replete with lushness & one can find colorful flags as a sign of Buddhist welcome on both sides of the road. It is nothing less than pleasure to explore this relaxed abode which has the perfect ingredient of nature’s bounty & peaceful enlightenment for every visitor.

Let’s take a visual tour into this destination of bliss!

1. The lush greenery and picturesque mountain ranges while you are on your way to Jirang.

2. The Breathtaking first views of monastery before you step in to the village.

3. Standing tall the richly decorated, exquisite 70 feet high Padmasambhava Mahavihara monastery.

4. Experience the simple yet holistic lifestyle of 200 Tibetan monks residing in the monastery!

5. A rich and detailed reflection of the Tibetan culture.

6. Marvel at the architectural brilliance and vivid paintings across the monastery.

7. Last but not the least, be a captive of its calm & pleasant surroundings!

So, what is the wait for? We suggest you should plan a trip to Jirang and this monastery pretty soon, if you haven’t already. Because this is one of those scenic places which once visited will forever remain etched in your memory!