Types of People One Can See At Raahgiri Bhubaneswar


Ever noticed how singular breed of people flock Raahgiri every week? If you halt for a while, you will find the Raahgiri streets of Bhubaneswar filled with humongous folks who excitedly buzz with their activities, every Sunday! These are the ones who never shy around to expose their true facets and are simply amazing the way they are.

All these weeks, we have somehow been bang-on with our observations to jot down a comprehensive list of Raahgiri peeps. For we felt it’s high time these Raahgiri hot-shots get an atypical coverage. Take a look!  

The Khatti Squad

Biologically these species are referred to as the Socio-Sapiens. They are the group of friends who just can’t turn down a perfect opportunity for a “Khatti” Session


Source : Giphy

Long Lost Love Birds

They are typically found in pairs. Normally they aren’t seen together in public, although you will observe constant eye contact. But on this day they will risk the possibility of a sun stroke for their one true love 


The Photographic Genius

This cult contains individuals who possess a DSLR of their own (Occasionally borrowed). They are self proclaimed experts who capture shots on Automatic mode. In rare instances you will also find a guy proclaiming “Bhai iPhone achi ” 


Doggie Walkers

This breed has dogs other than the stereotypical Labradors & Spitz. Not sure about the other 6 days, but they surely will take their dogs for a walk on this day of the week



Street Artists

This section of the population have skills all the way down to their bone. Cyclists, Rip Stickers, Rollerblades and Boarder’s are some prominent examples.


The Selfie Squad

This category is found abundantly across the entire length. The moment they see an individual with extended arms and a mobile, they gather. As the sound of the shutter is heard, they scatter.


Source : Giphy 

The Weekly Gym Addicts

These endangered species workout on the Raahgiri day and hibernate for the rest of the week. You will never see them in their active forms for the rest of the week.


The Outdated Souls

Among the orthodox tribes there are certain individuals who struggle to be cool to gel into the society. The commitment they have towards an update after constant failure is motivating.


The Trend Setters. Not!

Fashion icons with no dressing sense what-so-ever. The entire distance from the start to the end is a ramp for them. They are distinguished by formal shoes, jeans, dark shirts, shades & hats. Rare cases you will find someone in a gown.


The Spectators

This tribe’s soul cause of existence is to observe. Without them the entire process would collapse and the existence of the others would be void. Other than this, they do nothing significant. They Just Exist!


So, which genre do you fit the best? Perhaps you can be vigilant the next Raahgiri to come back and comment on any other human-breed that you might have encountered!