Want To Make A Difference? Here Are 6 Selfless Organizations In Which You Can Volunteer!

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It is rightly said that helping others is the best way to help ourselves, and the delight one gets in doing so is miraculous. Most of the times, we are so stuck in our corporate or household lives, that we often forget to give something back. This is where NGOs and welfare organisations come into the scene, which not just does great for the underprivileged, but also paves a way for us to do our bit!

If you have an interest in bringing a difference, then the following institutions of Bhubaneswar and Cuttack will let you give more meaning to other’s lives. Ranked in no particular order, these places will ensure your off-time becomes worthwhile!  


Educating as many people possible is what this group firmly believes in. Right from its foundation in 2010 until today, We4You have taken it upon themselves to teach orphans and the kids at foster homes or orphanages. But their initiative of launching audio books and thus benefitting the visually impaired is simply one of their breakthroughs. As a volunteer, you can either impart teaching sessions, or even submit voice-overs of anything that you would like the children to be informed of!


Be a volunteer or donate: Contact 9853337095 or reach to we4you.org.in

Location: Unit 6, Bhubaneswar

Humara Bachpan

The name speaks volumes about this group which is hell-bent in bringing joy to a child’s life. They do it by sincerely committing towards the welfare of children, either through the medium of education or by upgrading their lifestyle. Time and again, their team has also organised landmark campaigns in the city, related to social causes, protecting people’s interests or maybe just improving the environment. Being a part of Humara Bachpan’s team will surely fill you with joy!

Be a volunteer or donate: Reach to www.humarabachpan.org

Location: Sailashree Vihar, Bhubaneswar


Next comes AAINA, which literally translates to Mirror. This organisation made its presence back in 1998 and have since long been a reflection to everything good which a society seeks for. A help and hope to people with disabilities, children and women, AAINA has been doing enough to serve the unique needs of the deprived. Besides their outstanding support, they even conduct special screenings, film fests and workshops to inspire their inmates!


 Be a volunteer or donate: Reach to www.aaina.org.in

 Location: Jayadev Vihar, Bhubaneswar

 Bakul Foundation

 They started with a library movement and are now one of the positive game changers in our city. Be it with their tree donation drives, promoting art forms, strengthening   reading habits or maybe just indulging in simple charity, Bakul blossoms each day with its creative approach. They have even used the digital platform fair and well to make   their voices heard and to connect with young minds. In case you are filled with verve to bring change around you, then Bakul is where you need to be!


 Be a volunteer or donate: Reach to www.bakul.org

Location: Satya Nagar, Bhubaneswar


It’s been a decade that this organisation has engaged in a plethora of uplifting activities. Starting from providing medical services to groceries, education materials and many more, Angel’s have transformed the lives of a lot of needy ones. They started with just 4 members and are now an efficient group of 93 people. Also they constantly keep looking for volunteers who can bring in fresh zeal and inspiration to their team!

Be a volunteer or donate: Reach to facebook.com/org.angels

Location: Naya Sarak, Cuttack

Jashoda Sadan Orphanage

They came into existence a year after their heroic rescue operation of Odisha’s devastating super cyclone that hit in 1999. The team had saved and rehabilitated the lives of almost 80 orphans and homeless during this natural calamity. Since then, Jashoda Sadan is a popular name in Cuttack and is renowned for coming to the aid of various deprived people. Moreover, they will always be delighted to use a helping hand or donation!

 Location: College Square, Cuttack

 There are even other big and small organisations or ashrams in these twin cities that won’t mind an extra assistance in their everyday tasks. All you have to do is   either get involved in the names we have mentioned or maybe just find another place which will allow you to do something generous. Because there is no better   day to be kind and help others than today!