Was Upasana’s Joining BJP A Hasty Decision? Political Leaders Across Congress, BJD Voice Their Opinions

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Bhubaneswar, October 16: Late Congress leader Lulu Mohapatra’s daughter Upasana Mohapatra and his brother Lalitendu Mohapatra joining the BJP along with hundreds of Lulu’s supporters from 13 different blocks of the state on Saturday last, has become the talk of the town. The mega political event has certainly created a buzz in the political circles with leaders across party lines expressing their disappointment at such a hasty step taken by the kin of one of the most idolised youth leaders in the state.

BJD party vice president and senior leader, Dr. Damodar Rout, voicing his disapproval and calling it more of a vote trading ceremony instead of a political event told MCL, “It was far from being a party joining event owing to any ideological inclination with the BJP. These people are doing politics based on monetary might and aren’t politicians from any perspective.

“Lalatendu Bidyadhar Mohapatra was well-known for his principles, dedication towards his party, and his revolutionary ideas in politics. Yet it is has been barely more than a year since his death that his family has switched parties. This is utter disrespect to a leader of such stature and his ideals,” said Rout. He even added, “A few days after his death, at a public meeting held in his constituency, I had said that if his daughter Upasanais given proper political guidance, she can become a leader like Indira Gandhi. It is, however, sad to see her taking such a hasty and unwise political decision.”

There has been discontentment even among the strong supporters of Lulu Mohapatraand senior leaders of Congress. Among them, spokesperson of State Congress, Tara Bahinipati said, “I have been quite close to Lulu Mohapatra and his family. This whole event has been upsetting for me personally. However, as the party spokesperson, I can say this will have no effect on the partybecause those who have joined BJP have been out of the politics for more than 15 years.”