What Makes Naveen Patnaik One Of The Best Administrators In India?

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Naveen Patnaik got awarded by Outlook magazine as the best administrator in the country; we take a look at what makes him one of the most eligible and sought after leaders to look up to!


His amazing 3Ts philosophy

Naveen, as a great advisor to his fellow ministers and officers has always made sure of them to observe and follow the path of 3Ts – encourage Team spirit, ensure Transparency and efficiently use Technology to be able to help people as much as possible!


Always displaying great confidence

However less Naveen speaks, it has always been with complete precision. It’s like his work speaks for himself and there is an aura of confidence and strength. Though he is not claimed to be a good orator, still his mild manners showcase a unique style of impress and express.

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Steering Odisha out of its ‘India’s poorest state’ tag

If it had not been for Naveen, Odisha would have still been marked as a state with India’s highest poverty, the way it was back in 2000. Moreover there was a time under his ruling when the poverty level dropped down to almost half of what it was!

Naveen’s effective handling of disaster management during Cyclone Phailin

The well executed Mission Zero Casualty before and after Cyclone Phailin of 2013 was extremely praiseworthy for Naveen Patnaik and his governance. So much so, that United Nations felicitated Naveen for his massive preparedness and efficient model of disaster management.

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Record for being one of the longest serving Chief Ministers

No doubt Naveen has been getting stronger with every election and he is now into his fourth term of being Odisha’s Chief Minister. Without any prior political experience, Naveen has firmly been in this position for more than 17 years, a feat by only a few Indian leaders.

Picture Courtesy: Odisha Samaya

Winning hearts through pro-poor policies

Hailed as a natural and compassionate leader, Naveen is even widely acclaimed for introducing beneficial programmes for the state’s poor. This mastermind’s Re1-per-kg-for-rice scheme and the Mo Kudiya scheme have especially been runaway hits!


Making Odisha investment friendly

Since Odisha’s bankruptcy in 2000, the state has come a long way in terms of economic development. In fact, Odisha was even once declared the best destination for investment by RBI. Naveen’s untiring efforts have surely raised this state’s profile by transforming it into a preferred investment destination under his Invest Odisha initiative.

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Appreciation for bringing in women well-being schemes

Naveen gained widespread praises and acclaim for launching welfare schemes for pregnant women, 1% interest to women, introducing helpline facilities for distressed rural women and many other beneficial policies. Not just that, some of his women welfare schemes even got emulated by the rest of India.

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His remarkable anti-corruption policies

Naveen has always stood strongly against corruption while also encouraging zero tolerance against corruptive measures. His implementation of anti-graft policies, anti-corruption facebook page and others has been known to register a lot of complaints already. Besides, he has also exhorted the vigilance officers to keep using technology and modern gadgets for curbing corruption at every level.

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Feature and SM Image Courtesy: indiatoday.intoday.in