Trending Travel Bags That You Can Buy In Bhubaneswar

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Those who love travelling often do not need a reason, rather a season to plan a trip. With the variety of travel bags being in vogue, we take a look at the availability of smart travel bags in the capital while also throwing light on the latest trends in this segment.


Backpacks are the most versatile kind of travel bags that one can possess. They are usually carried by the younger lot and are just about perfect for hikers. These days arresting colours like cobalt blue, pink and canary yellow rule the market. Samsonite has a great collection of backpacks in these shades. They even have denim backpacks which look street smart. Waxed canvas backpacks in tricolour are also a latest arrival in the store.

V.I.P World, on the other hand, has a pretty good collection in military, wolf prints and Aztecs which you could go for. Distressed backpacks and the leather ones are also equally exciting. Though they might be a tad high on the pocket, they would be your best bet for travelling.


If online is your thing, you could log into Myntra for a world of fashionable backpacks. Studded leather backpacks and coral post backpacks are some of the trending ones among the many.


Duffel Bags

Running out of time, still lots left to pack? Duffel bags are the best option to just dump your things into. Samsonite, in fact, has these duffel bag sippers and trolleys as well which can be very useful. They are available in muted shades with a splash of neon here and there.


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Panda Travel Mart also has an array of lightweight duffel bags which are specifically made of lightweight fabrics. They are available in purples, mahogany and greens and look really nice. No wonder, customers are opting for it without second thoughts!


360 Spinner Bags

360 Spinner wheel bags are the best kind of bags to make way through a crowd. They spin 360 degrees and allow the bag to be pulled or pushed and doesn’t require much effort to be handled. In the Samsonite store, there are appealing Winfield spinners in prints, pinks and purples. The Samsonite ziplite bags in metallic colours, teals and rich plum are also quite popular.


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V.I.P stores also have spinner bags in prints like floral, stripes and various motifs. They not only look good but are also quite travel-friendly. Light orange, turquoise and sea green are some of the colours, they are available in.


Kids’ Special

When we are so finicky about our luggage, can the kids be any different? Strolleys for children are available in the Kangaroo store where they have cute prints in Hello Kitty, stars and butterflies. Also available in cartoon prints like Dora, spider man and Chhota Bheem, these strolleys look fashionable too and the kids can easily fall in love with them!