Why Is Sarahah App Becoming Such An Obsession?


If you are a regular user of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or any other social media platform, you will know how a messaging app named SARAHAH has spammed the news feed of everyone. The turquoise colored screenshots of like and dislike messages from anonymous people have been flooding all over the place. With the Internet currently getting obsessed over Sarahah, we find out what exactly this app is all about and how people are responding towards it!


Just a few-months-old app, Sarahah’s origination took place in Saudi Arabia by Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq, who initially created it for workers to provide ‘constructive’ feedback to their bosses. After its launch in February and App store entry in early June, it became immensely popular in Saudi Arabia, spread to Canada and then hit the US. And now within few weeks, it has become a full-blown fad in India as well where users are pouring secret love messages while even sending ruthless hate texts.


With Sarahah’s craze picking at a high speed in Odisha too, MCL got in touch with a handful of users from this state for their ‘honest’ reviews about the app!


Mostly teenagers and youngsters have been turning to Sarahah as a favourite pastime and also like a medium to say things which cannot be disclosed directly. For user Ankita Das of DAV School of Business Management, the app was interesting at first but eventually turned out to be less amusing once she started receiving random unpleasant messages. “Initially I got sweet feedbacks from people I didn’t know and those acted like mood uplifters. Surely I started getting hooked to the app even more and then few times I received messages which had slangs besides hateful comments. Even if that didn’t bother much, it still felt bad.”

While Ankita’s Sarahah experience has been a combination of good and bad, this working professional who recently joined the app, has something else to mention! Soumya D Jena is employed at a private firm in Bhubaneswar and loves to travel. He must be a pretty renowned boy back in school and even till today, for his Sarahah updates are mostly about how great he has been. “I find the app to be pure fun and the messages I am getting are something which were never expected. Yet it’s entertaining to know people remembering my good qualities from such a long lost time.”

That’s not all; some users have gone to the level of testing their poetry skills by sending love notes to the ones they have secretly adored. Naznin Karim Mulji, a married lady finds the app to be weirdly interesting and a platform of temporary entertainment. “When I saw so many friends in my Facebook account using this Sarahah app, I became all curious and started using it myself. To my surprise, there were certain messages I received which let my husband and me chuckle for quite some time.”

Sarahah has been definitely reigning over users and the App Store as the No. 1 free download application and we aren’t sure for how long it will take over the social media sphere. Nobody will be able to guess whether in the upcoming weeks it will continue being a trend or fade away altogether, but as of now it’s too difficult to avoid the Sarahah app spamming our news feed, anytime and every time!

Feature & SM Image Courtesy: YouTube